Helping  women balance hormones and lose weight the feminine way

Go from the menopausal roller coaster to balanced hormones...

and lose the weight easily and effortlessly! 

Women who have a significant amount of weight to lose often think the struggle is lack of willpower and consistency. You beat yourself up and it effects your confidence.


But the truth is your hormones are wrecking havoc on your waist line... and it's not your fault.


What used to work in your 20's, just ain't cutting it anymore, am I right?!


What you really want is to lose weight, keep it off and feel fit.


As a Medical Doctor, I help you do this in a healthy sustainable way,

by balancing your hormones the right way.

This was me... 300 pounds!

I've been there, done that. At my heaviest, I weighed 300 pounds.  I was completely miserable.  I was coping with food to hide the pain of a childhood history of emotional, physical and sexual abuse from my family of origin and growing up with poverty and racial oppression.  It wasn't until I decided to learn how to tap into my truth by following my desires, balance my hormones and put my health first that I was able to shed 140+ lbs and keep it off.  

What is Orgasmic MedicineTM

As a medical doctor, I believe in tapping into the power of the feminine to help women’s bodies heal.  Often women gloss over their true desires with food, alcohol, overworking and taking care of everyone else.  I help women return to their innate power, the desire that’s dying to be unleashed.  Within every woman, is an ocean of energy and authentic desires to uncover.


I call this Orgasmic MedicineTM


Orgasmic MedicineTM is soulful, rhythmic and tethered to an undeniable internal truth 


By tapping into your TRUE desires, your body can begin to heal naturally, let go of addictions, people pleasing, guilt, shame and rules that are no longer serving you.  Together, we help you own your truth, find freedom and release the weight.. once and for all.  

Ways I Can Help You

Do you have 50+ pounds to shed? 

I know it can feel daunting at times.. I've been there myself!  Often times weight gain is a symptom of a deeper, underlying issue in the body. 

Though functional medicine, lab testing and hormone re-balancing, you'll start to shed the weight in a simple and easy way.  This isn't a diet but rather a coming HOME to yourself.



Are your hormones raging and your tired of the emotional roller coaster? 

From hot flashes to the "rage monster" to crying out of nowhere.. you're hormones play a big part in your emotions and overall happiness and well being. 

You might not be overweight but you haven't been feeling like yourself and you just want to feel "normal" again.



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